Hi, I’m Dustin Senos (he/him). Welcome to my personal website. 👋

A goal to enrich peoples’ lives through engineering and design has driven me to create digital products for more than a decade.

I’m building a new product, calo which launches in 2020. If you’re interested, leave your email for updates.

In 2017 I started a digital product studio taking on design, product, and prototyping work. Previously, I was the Head of Design at Medium, a platform where Barack Obama, Tony Hawk, and everyday people share thoughts and stories. Before Medium, I was a Software Engineer at Walt Disney and oversaw a team of engineers building the game engine for Club Penguin, a virtual world inhabited by millions of children.

To build skill and gain perspective, I take on projects in various verticals that are interesting and challenging. Below is a selection of projects I’ve worked on:

I also ship personal projects like Out of Office Hours, Wallcat, and LittleIpsum. I have a bit of open source software on Github which I wrote for Twitter and Medium.

I’m semi-active on Twitter and Instagram, and publish longer thoughts on Medium. I’m often reading and have recently listed the books I’m reading, read, and soon to start.

Various small, ongoing projects:

Select writing:

As a personal goal I’ve challenged myself to speak in front of groups of strangers:

If you’d like to chat, feel free to send me an email.